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The Metric System vs. Imperial

Curiosity and Art of the trolling.

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Hey! I was listening to that!!

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Googled best gaming mouse...

I need to take a bae

Just picked up some rubber bullets

"Ice bucket challenge? That's $12.99 worth of ice.... water..... and bucket"

Watching my bf try to back his F350 into a crowded space in the hotel parking lot.

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When some guy on amazon asked if a deck of cards included spades and clubs or only hearts and diamonds

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Damn nature, you scary... (on the Google campus)

As a tutor...

My cat also likes to sit and stare... Albeit in a slightly more possessed way.

Toroidal vortex

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Pug in an Ugg on the rug looking snug.

It seems like anyone over the age of 45 does this